South Coast Chinese Cultural Association

A bit about SCCCA


南海岸中華文化協會是一個成立於一九七七年的非營利組織。我們的宗旨是為促進各族裔對中華文化的認識,保存及宣揚中華文化的傳統。在南海岸中華文化協會歷屆理事會和所有會員及爾灣中文學校全體教職員、以及師生們的三十多年共同奮鬥下,我們成功的建立了自己真正的家-- 位於爾灣市宏偉壯觀的南海岸中華文化中心。

南海岸中華文化協會的會員家庭主要分佈在橙郡各縣市內。協會重視會員間彼此的交誼及輔助爾灣中文學校,同時推廣華人社區的主要社團活動。 協會不遺餘力地舉辦多項有助於身心健康的社區活動,以便家長及會員們在一星期繁忙緊張的工作後,能與一群志同道合的朋友們,在歡笑中舒展身心、增進情誼。南海岸文化中心於二OO五年開幕後,至今已開設一百多項具多元文化的綜合課程及活動, 諸如:中文、日文、韓文、國學經典讀書會、中文電腦班、合唱團、中西音樂班、太極功夫、國畫、書法、中國結、棋藝、瑜珈術、有氧舞蹈、民族舞蹈、土風舞、踢踏舞、卡拉OK歌唱、聯誼舞會、羽毛球、乒乓球、籃球及多樣性的大型晚會等。



承先啟後,繼往開來,感謝前輩們的高瞻遠矚及深思熟慮,在歷屆理事會、爾灣中文學校及家長會的苦心經營和社會熱心人士和廠商的慷慨贊助下 我們才會有今天的成果。在此謹向歷年來在財力、物力、人力與提供各種資源的熱心支持者,致上最崇高的敬意。我們也誠摯的歡迎志同道合的朋友,加入並且壯大協會的行列,並且貢獻一己之力,為在美華人及我們的下一代,創造更美好的明天。

Introduction of South Coast Chinese Cultural Association

South Coast Chinese Cultural Association (SCCCA) was founded in 1977 as a non-profit organization. Our mission is to preserve Chinese heritage, to enrich our life with cultural diversity, and to integrate into the mainstream society. Under SCCCA, there are four functional groups, the Irvine Chinese School, ICS Parent-Teacher Organization, the Irvine Chinese Chorus, and the Second Generation Association. Currently, we have approximately seven hundred member families in the greater South Orange County area. Vital to our accomplishments are generous support and donations of countless volunteers. Our programs rely on over 20,000 volunteer hours every year.

SCCCA offers various arts, musical, and athletic programs and performances to the public. Many of our cultural activities have been passed down for thousands of years and are still a living part of our daily life. Our programs include Chinese Brush Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Knotting, Tai Chi Chuan and Sword, Mu Lan Chuan and Sword, Ping-Pong, Basketball, Badminton, Yoga, Chinese computer, Book Discussion, Chorus, Strings Orchestra, and Ballroom Dance. In addition to participation in the Southern California Chinese American Athletic Competition and the Irvine Public Schools Foundation activities. SCCCA sponsors events such as annual banquet, scholarship program, golf tournament, and family camping trips, and also holds Candidates Forums for candidates running for Irvine City Council and IUSD positions during election years. Expanding beyond SCCCA activities, our members also actively support many community events.

In the heart of SCCCA, Irvine Chinese School (ICS) has over one thousand students from K through 12th grade. The School meets on Saturdays / Sundays and enrollment is open to all children and adults who are interested in learning Chinese language, culture, and customs. For high school students, ICS offers extracurricular credits of Chinese language that are recognized by school districts of Garden Grove, Los Alamitos, Anaheim, Orange, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport-Mesa, Tustin, and Capistrano.

SCCCA started to build the Chinese Cultural Center as our permanent campus since fall of 2003 at 9 Truman in Irvine. Thanks for all the donations and many volunteers’ efforts and dedications, on April 24th, 2005, SCCCA held the Grand Opening for South Coast Chinese Cultural Center. At last, we can set foot onto a campus that we can call our own. This facility is open seven days a week. In addition to weekend Chinese school programs, we offer weekday community classes and after-school programs for children. Owning our own campus presents a tremendous opportunity to ensure the execution of our missions and the stability of our programs, to reach out to broader populations, and to meet the emerging needs of our community. As we enter this historical period of our organization and for the Chinese Americans, our vision is crystal clear. It is focused on how Chinese cultural and language program can be best deployed to meet the community needs.