Charter and Code Of Conduct



South Coast Chinese Culture Association (SCCCA) is dedicated to promote Chinese culture, and to preserve the heritage of all Chinese-Americans.



  • 甲、 利益衝突指本協會之利益受到任何個人或其他利益團體之強佔、危害或衝突。
  • 乙、 外界人等指不屬於以上所述,本協會之成員,包括個人與利益團體。
  • 丙、 非法行為指違反美國聯邦政府、加州政府與地方政府之法律及規定等。
  • 丁、 外界活動指所有非本協會舉辦之活動。
  • 甲、 本協會所有財務支付必須經理事會批准。
  • 乙、 南海岸中華文化協會不將任何所擁有之資產借貸給外界人。
  • 丙、 本協會之名稱、資金、產業與所有資源不得用於外界活動,也不得為外界人等之營利所用。
  • 丁、 當南海岸中華文化協會之利益與個人之活動衝突時,個人應立即停止此活動或退出文化協會。
  • 戊、 本協會嚴格禁止任何非法活動。
  • 四、此品行規章之修改必須經過南海岸中華文化協會大多數會員之同意。
  • 五、當此品行規章與美國聯邦政府、加州政府或地方政府之法律及規定有衝突時,以相關法律為依據。

1.0 This Code of Conduct is an integral part of South Coast Chinese Cultural Association (SCCCA) By-Laws and is applicable to members of Board Directors, Irvine Chinese School, Parent-Teacher-Organization, Committees, and Administrative Personnel.
2.0 Definition.
2.1 Conflict of Interest – meaning the interest of SCCCA is in conflict with, or diminished by, or injured by other interest.
2.2 Other Persons – meaning person, or persons, or entities not indicated in Item 1.0.
2.3 Unlawful Acts – meaning acts prohibited by Federal, State and Local laws and regulations.
2.4 Other Activities – meaning activities other than those of SCCCA.
3.0 Scope of Conducts:
3.1 SCCCA funds cannot be used or disbursed except those authorized by the Board of Directors.
3.2 SCCCA does not grant loans of any kind.
3.3 SCCCA name, funds, assets and properties cannot be used for personal gain or usage, or to be used by other persons for personal gain or usage.
3.4 Individual’s participation in other activities create a conflict of interest must be discontinued immediately or resign from SCCCA.
3.5 Unlawful acts are prohibited.
4.0 This Code of Conduct may be amended only by a majority vote of SCCCA members.
5.0 Federal, State and Local laws take precedent to this Code of Conduct.