Room Parent

輪值家長的職責 Room Parent Responsibilities

  1. 仔細閱讀爾灣中文學校行為準則,上課時間內協助老師教學及維護秩序,注意學生不可破壞教室內的任何物品。的任何物品。
    Read the Irvine Chinese School Behavior Guidelines and follow the room parent duties. Room parent shall assist teaching and maintain an orderly learning environment during class. Ensure students follow all school and classroom rules and respect all property.

  2. 協助老師發放作業,協助學生課堂上的需求。請確認學生了解所指定的功課,特別是低年級的學生。
    Please assist the teacher by passing out papers, helping the students on in-class assignments and keeping order in the class. Please make sure the students understand and are able to do the class assignments. This is especially helpful for the lower level.

  3. 學校放學後,當協助老師督促學生整理教室,維護原有的清潔與整齊,所有的桌椅要放回原位,白板需擦乾淨。
    After school, return the classroom to its original condition. This may include re-arranging the furniture, erasing the whiteboard, cleaning and straightening the desks and chairs and taking out the trash.

  4. 利用電子郵件將回家作業寄給家長,這對低年級的學生有很大的幫助。
    Take notes and email to the other parents the homework assignments for the week. This is most helpful for the lower grades.

  5. 下課休息時間,要有輪值家長必須留守教室,協助老師分發功課和資料,注意學生在教室內的安全。
    The room parent should stay around the classroom during the recess to ensure the safety and appropriate behaviors of the students.

  6. 如當天輪值家長因故不能值日,請自行與其他家長對換並通知班代表。
    If the room parent cannot report to school as schedule, it is the room parent’s responsibility to find a replacement prior to the class and notify the RPL.