RPL Duties

Room Parents Leader (RPL)

班代表的職責 Responsibilities and Duties

  1. 做為家長、老師、家長會及學校之間溝通的橋樑。
    Ensure timely and effective communications among the school, parents, PTO and teachers.

  2. 班代表可從班上選出小組長,每位小組長可以協助你(們)以下的項目
    RPL can assign some duties to RPL assistants among parents in your class. Each RPL assistant can help out the RPL in the following tasks.
    • 照相及年刊Class Photographer and Yearbook Coordinator
    • 財務方面 Treasury
    • 班上派對方面 Party coordinator
  3. 依照上課的行事曆,安排家長值班 (on duty room parents)。 班代表每週需用電子郵件 (email) 方式或打電話,提 醒值班家長到班上值班。
    Arrange parents to help out in the class by using the Room Parent Sign-up Sheet. Remind on duty room parents to report for service on a weekly basis

  4. 班代表於開學第一個月應取得每位家長的電子郵箱地址及行動電話號碼,以便於聯絡。
    RPL needs to obtain contact information from each parent such as telephone number and email address.

  5. 開學時與老師商量班上教師家長座談會時間及地點,並聯絡通知家長到學校開會。
    Work with teachers to schedule a parent/teacher conference at the beginning of the school year.

  6. 開學時建議收取每名學生班費 $20 (建議數目,班費的數目可由每班的家長們共同決定), 並定期向家長報告班費收 支情形 (class fund expense log)。班費可以運用在以下事項或家長們同意的活動上:
    Collect a class room fee from each student. The suggested amount is $20. It can be more or less depending on what is needed. Maintain class fund spending log and communicate with parents periodically. The money can be used for:
    • 學生節日禮物或小獎品 Student rewards
    • 新年或節日派對 Holiday party or gifts
    • 老師節日禮物 Teacher’s appreciation gifts

  7. 按時出席每月一次的班代表會議 (RPL Meeting)
    Attend the mandatory monthly room parent leader meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, you must notify the PTO board.

  8. 每年於學期結束前, 從班上選出下一學年度的班代表, 並把新班代表的資料交給家長會 or Grace。
    Submit new RPL’s contact information and turn it in to PTO/Grace by the end of school year.