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Traffic & Patrol

NOTE: You must submit a report of your points on Sycamore before coming to your duty. Please see the pdf files for instructions on how to do this. 如何報交通服務點數(中文), Traffic Patrol Points Submissions (English)

There will be (Saturday 3 for each session, Sunday 4 for each session) volunteering positions available per shift.

During both before school begins and after school ends, the volunteers will be stationed outside in the parking lot to direct traffic flow; for the morning shift, the volunteers need to help the set up; afternoon shift will help to clean. This specific job entails that the volunteers control when and how the cars move, while yielding traffic to pedestrians. Volunteers will assist in helping young children out of the car if necessary. (Note: Saturday volunteers are exempt from performing traffic control duties.)

During school hours, the volunteers will also patrol the hallways at designated areas of the school. The volunteers will watch out for suspicious activity and for truant students every 20 minute intervals. This duty will also be performed during break time. For example, if the hour was at 9:00 AM, the volunteers will actively patrol at 9:20 AM, 9:40 AM, and 9:50 AM.

All patrol volunteers need to fulfill the duties to be eligiable for the points.

The hours for the volunteer work are as follows:

If the volunteer works in the Saturday morning, the shift will be from 9 AM to 12 PM. (3 points)
If the volunteer works in the Saturday afternoon the shift will be from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. (3points)
If the volunteer works in the Sunday morning, the shift will be from 8:35 AM to 12:20 PM. (4 points)
If the volunteer works in the Sunday afternoon the shift will be from 12:40 PM to 4:10 PM. (4 points)

*Volunteers please sign in at the library before the duty time starts. In order to get your full volunteer points, please report to your duty on time.

The duties of a volunteer include:
  • Help to set up and clean the cones.
  • Allowing pedestrians to cross when they are present
  • Encouraging cars to move forward in the one-way lane
  • Preventing cars from backing up into the street
  • Disallowing cars from entering the one-way lane
  • Discouraging students from leaving the drop-off lane through the left side of the car
  • Discouraging people cross over and under the yellow tape
  • Noting violated cars that have parked in the restricted “No Parking” zone
  • Disallowing the drivers of the violated cars from leaving until the traffic has disappeared
  • Patrolling the assigned area every 20 minutes and every breaktime
  • Noticing out-of-the-norm events