Service Points Policy and Process


簡介 Introduction

家長服務辦法始於1989年, 其目的在於鼓勵與協助家長對於校務的參與. 服務辦法簡介:
The Parent’s Service Point Policy was established in 1989 to encourage and guide the parent’s participation. The policy is summarized below:

2016-17 學年的家長服務點數規定如下:

  1. Service Points requirement
    A family with one student must complete 10 points while those with more than one student must complete 15 points.

  2. Room Parents Duty
    With the permission of each language class teacher, the duty of “room parents” will be created. The teacher will determine how many positions there will be. Without her approval, no parent will be allowed in the classroom. Please sign-up with your RPL if your teacher requests room parent(s) to assist her in the classroom.

  3. Deposit and Service Points
    At the beginning of the school year, every family with one enrolled student is required to make a $100 deposit; families with two or more enrolled students are required to make a $150 deposit. Once the service point requirement is fulfilled at the end of the school year, the full $100/$150 will be returned. $10.00 will be deducted for every service point not fulfilled. As a general guideline, one service point is issued for each hour served.

  4. Recording Service Points
    The service points need to be entered/submitted onto the Sycamore system by the parents themselves before coming to their duties. Parents can check if their service points were approved on the Sycamore system 2 to 3 weeks after the service. If you have any questions regarding to your service points, please email to servicepoint@sccca.us.

  5. Summary of Service Items and Points:
    • Room Parent Leader (RPL) – 15 points
    • Co-RPLs – 8 points for each co-RPL if the RPL job duty is shared by two persons
    • Treasury (one position) – 5 points
    • Party Coordinator (one position)- 5 points.
    • Chinese New Year coordinator (one position) - 5 points
    • Co-Coordinators- 3 points for each person if the Coordinator position is shared by two persons
    • Room Parent – One point per hour served, verified by teacher/RPL, but # of Room Parent based on teacher's request
    • Volunteering for SCCCA, ICS and PTO sponsored activities such as Chinese New Year Celebration Event and Sports Day - points vary
    • SCCCA, ICS and PTO administration work including information desk, patrol, library, etc. - points vary

  6. Sign-up and check-in for volunteering:
    • Classroom volunteering: sign-up with your RPL starting from beginning of school year and check-in at the library on the date you serve.
    • Routine parent volunteering jobs such as traffic control, information desk duty and safety patrol around campus are open for sign up on bi-monthly basis. There is a maximum two sign up per month per family. Please check-in at the library. And, if you have any questions to the service sign up online, please email Brian at bhoang@sccca.us.
    • Routine administration work: sign up on the school website under “Service Point / Volunteer Signup” and check in at the library
    • School events (i.e. Chinese New Year Celebration) volunteer sign up and check in: All volunteer opportunities for school events, such as Irvine Global Village Festival and Chinese New Year Celebration, are available for sign-up on the school website 1-2 months before the event date. Please check in at the library for all events taking place at school. For the offsite events, volunteers need to check-in with their job supervisor.
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